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Here is the latest news from Washington, DC. Information on this page is free for any State, National or International Motorcyclists' Rights Organization to use in their publications. Credit for the articles must be given to the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) when used.

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14NR43 - New NHTSA Administrator Announced
14NR42 - Veterans Day
14NR41 - The Motorcycle Riders Foundation Releases its Legislative Strategy Agenda for 2015
14NR40 - 2014 Elections and Beyond
14NR39 - Election Day is Coming
14NR37 - EPA sends ethanol regulations to White House
14NR36 - EPA Sends Ethanol Regulations to White House
14NR35 - MRF News Release - 30th Annual Meeting of the Minds
14NR34 - MRF News Release - Highway Funding Bill Clears Congress
14NR33 - MRF News Release - Fact or Fiction?
14NR32 - MRF News Release - Think September
14NR31 - MRF News Release - The Highway Bill funding crisis has been avoided, for now.
14NR30 - Independence Day 2014
14NR29 - Monday is Ride to Work Day
14NR28 - From Hardtail
14NR27 - MRF News Release - HR 4745 Walberg Amendment Passes
14NR26 - URGENT Call to Action H.R. 4745
14NR25 - 2014 Memorial Day
14NR24 - Breaking News - IRS to scrap a proposed rule on 501(c) 4 groups
14NR23 - 6th Annual Michael “Boz” Kerr Bikers Inside the Beltway Success
14NR22 - MRF News Release - Bikers Inside The Beltway National Lobby Day - The Most Important Day of the Year for motorcyclists.
14NR21 - MRF News Release - Obama Calls for Helmet Laws
14NR20 - MRF News Release - UPDATE for Best of the West hotel
14NR19 - MRF News Release - Best of the West Reminder
14NR18 - MRF News Release - Obama Calls for Helmet Laws
14NR17 - MRF News Release - Feds to include motorcycles in intelligent transportation systems research
14NR16 - MRF News Release - NTSB Chair Steps Down
14NR15 - MRF News Release - U.S. EPA to FTC: Ethanol Harmful To Motorcycles
14NR14 - MRF News Release - The Most Important Day to Bikers on the Federal level.
14NR13 - MRF News Release - Motorcycle Riders Foundation Champion Representative Tom Petri to Retire
14NR12 - MRF News Release - United Nations General Assembly Calls For Global Mandatory Helmet Law
14NR11 - MRF News Release - Bikers Inside The Beltway National Lobby Day
14NR10 - MRF News Release - CDC Task Force Pushes Universal Mandatory Helmet Law
14NR09 - MRF News Release - Motorcycle Checkpoint Bill Introduced in U.S. Senate
14NR08 - MRF News Release - Motorcycle Riders Foundation Congratulates ABATE of Illinois
14NR07 - MRF News Release - The Taxman Cometh
14NR06 - MRF News Release - CDC Responds to Congressional Letter
14NR05 - MRF News Release - National Transportation Safety Board Releases 2014 “Top Ten Most Wanted” list.
14NR04 - MRF News Release - Farm Bill Removes Subsidies for Biofuel Blender Pumps
14NR03 - MRF News Release - EPA Proposed Ethanol Rule Comment Period
14NR02 - MRF News Release - Black Box Bill
14NR01 - MRF News Release - MRF helps New York City Motorcyclists avoid EPA stamp law.
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