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The MRF is a Grassroots organization in every sense. The MRF was started in 1987 by motorcyclists, and to this day is run by motorcyclists. All financial support for the organization is generated from membership dues, donations from state motorcyclists' rights organizations, motorcyclists' rights seminars, and products sales.

Become an MRF Volunteer Today!

MRF is the Washington, D.C. voice of rider safety and freedom in the United States of America -- the State Motorcyclists' Rights Organizations (SMROs) nationwide. Because we are all about progress and advancement, we refer to our members as MRF Volunteers -- all of us join the MRF to work, not just to belong. While our volunteers number over 3,000, many are SMROs with a combined MRF/SMRO volunteer force in excess of 250,000.

MRF is partisan about one thing and one thing only -- motorcycling. We are women and men of every race, creed and political party devoted to one cause -- riders' rights and safety. Our volunteers value each others' opinions, but understand fully that we will, from time to time, agree to disagree. MRF volunteers are committed to each other as brothers and sisters and pledged to uphold MRF's core values of respect, integrity, leadership, teamwork, and excellence.

As an MRF volunteer, you will learn far more than you contribute and contribute far more than you can imagine. All our volunteers take pride in learning and growing. We challenge the status quo, in ourselves and in each other. And we recognize that becoming skilled in politics, legislative action, communication and organizational effectiveness is a lifelong pursuit.

We expect excellence from you -- the MRF Volunteer
and you can expect excellence from the MRF

  • Top-flight training in politics, leadership, planning and organizational skills -- for you, the rider and the SMRO, designed to create a community of volunteers, here and abroad, proud of our lifestyle, respectful of our diversity and committed to honing the skills it takes to win the support and favor of civic leaders, lawmakers, the media and other centers of influence.
  • Ambitious plans and programs to expand our base of MRF volunteers to encompass every rider, no matter the ride.
  • Trained, motivated talent in every region of the country acting in concert with our roots -- the SMROs nationwide that created and continue to be co-partners with the MRF.
  • Products designed to instill pride in every ride, carry the message of liberty to other riders and encourage them to volunteer in our non-stop struggle for their safety and freedom.
  • A bold, aggressive, bipartisan political agenda -- an agenda aimed at getting out motorcyclists' votes for friends in legislatures across the U.S.A. We do this through MRFPAC, our political action committee. Our aim is to elect friends, educate foes and cultivate genuine MRFPAC Champions of Motorcyclists' Rights & Safety.
  • As an MRF volunteer, you'll tackle all the challenges facing motorcyclists today. Our public policy interests are the protection of riders' interests across the board: highway safety, personal liberty, law enforcement, health care, discrimination, labor issues, technology development, public opinion, highway access and the relationship between federal power and state prerogatives. We also pressure regulatory agencies to stay off our bikes and climb aboard a campaign for proven safety strategies. Together, we work city halls and state capitols, Capitol Hill and the international arena.

    MRF has an aggressive agenda to advance safety and freedom on the road. Our agenda covers the globe. So will you, our volunteer. Together, we will:
  • Preserve rider access to America's roads and highways -- access that can always be stripped away by opponents of your rights and safety.
  • Make all roads and highways safer by working with Congress, law enforcement, transportation authorities and even MRF allies around the world to boost motorist awareness and motorcycle safety training, and eliminate road hazards by making crash barriers and other systems motorcycle-friendly.
  • Win health care coverage -- protection that is now systematically and unlawfully denied to riders and their families simply because we choose to ride motorcycles.
  • Safeguard our right to individualize the look and improve the performance of our motorcycles, now under imminent threat by the U.S. EPA in this country, and in Geneva where extremists are advocating changes in how motorcycles are manufactured -- changes that could hike purchase prices, boost repair costs, mandate the use of dangerous devices in the name of safety and all but eliminate the consumer mechanic and customizer and the aftermarket that sustains us.
  • Rein in and redirect regulatory agencies -- we want regulators like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration off our bikes and on the job of advancing proven accident prevention strategies, keeping them off our bikes and focused instead on their primary task of accident prevention.
  • Limit federal intrusion -- restore state prerogatives and preserve personal liberty.

It's time for you to Ride with the Leaders.
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