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The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is very proud of its team of Officers, Directors and Employees. Their combined experience in motorcyclists' rights adds up to centuries of hard work and dedication from coast to coast across the United States. Together with the MRF membership and supporting motorcyclists' rights organizations, they have been very successful in fighting for our rights and freedoms for many years. They are all listed below, linked to their individual biographies. Please take a few minutes to scroll down the page to get to know this very diverse group and learn more about their roles in our organization.

President - Kirk "Hardtail" Willard
Vice President - Jay Jackson
Secretary - Paulette Korte
Treasurer - Frank Carbone
Director of Conferences & Events - Jim Cannon
Director of State Representative Program - Dave Condon
Director of Motorcycle Safety - Jay Jackson
Director of Communications and Information - Dawn Riba
Director of MRFPAC - Jim "Legs" Korte
Director of Sustaining Member Motorcycle Clubs- Russell Radke
SSMRO - Lenny Holcomb
SSMRO - Ryan Hubbard
Members Representative - Cindy Hodges
Members Representative (Interim) - Todd Riba
Reps Representative - Doc D'Errico
Reps Representative - Glenyce Jackson
Ex-Officio - Mark Buckner
Ex-Officio - Deborah Butitta
Office Administrator - Tiffany Cipoletti
Vice President of Government relations and Public Affairs -
Assistant MRFPAC Treasurer- Paulette Korte
Assistant PR to Communications and Information - Tiffany Cipoletti
Assistant to Communications - Mike Berger
Editor MRF Reports - Eric Hampton
Assistant Member Relations - Polly Schoeller
Webmaster - Darrel Killion
Products Assistant to the Board - Helen Wesson
Assistant to Motorcycle Safety - Bob LeTourneau
Assistant to Aftermarket Liaison - Keith Ball
Assistant Motorcycle Safety - Paulette Korte
Assistant to Conference, PAC Treasurer - Lenny Holcomb
Assistant to the President- Tiffany Cipoletti

Kirk "Hardtail" Willard - President
phone: 715-204-0799

Photo © Ken Olash
Responsibilities: The President of the MRF Board is the chief executive officer of the corporation. Presides over all meetings of the Board of Directors, and subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, directs the policies and management of the corporation. Prepares an annual report on the work of the MRF that is presented at the annual meeting. The President discharges all the duties inherent to a presiding officer. Ensures that all books, reports and certificates as required are appropriately kept on file, and appoints all committees, temporary or permanent. Sets the agenda, meeting place, date and time of all Board of Directors meetings unless a special meeting is called by the membership of the Board.

Jay Jackson - Vice President
Executive Director for ABATE of Indiana. He was recently inducted into the Sturgis Museum Freedom Fighters' Hall of Fame (2009).
phone: 765-426-0048

Photo © Susan Buck

Responsibilities: The Vice President serves in the role of the President in the President's absence at a meeting or if the office of the President becomes vacant. In the case of vacancy in the office of the President, the Vice President shall serve as President until the next regularly scheduled meeting or until a successor is elected.

Bob LeTourneau - Assistant to Motorcycle Safety
New Hampshire
phone: 603-434-1038

Dave Condon - Director of State Representative Program
phone: 978-239-2062
Responsibilities:  I have been involved in motorcyclist's rights since 2000.  I started with ABATE of Massachusetts as their Essex County Representative and then became the Executive Director of ABATE and Chairman of ABATE of MA PAC before ABATE'S merger with the MMA in 2002. Since becoming involved with the MMA,  I have served as the Essex County Representative, District One Representative,  District One Manager and was just elected as the Chairman or the Board. I am also the Assistant State Representative of Massachusetts for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation

Paulette Korte- Secretary, Assistant MRFPAC Treasurer, Assistant Motorcycle Safety


Experience and Qualifications:
Member of ABATE of IL, Inc., Currently the State Secretary.

Postions held in the past for ABATE of IL, Inc.: Safety & Education Coordinator for 6 years.Was the Assistant to Safety & Education for a year and a half before that. At the chapter level held these offices: Safety & Education, Treasurer, Secretary, Newsletter

Frank Carbone - Treasurer

Formerly Audit Manager with PriceWaterhouse & Co., Vice president of Finance for Mulach Steel company and various positions with ExhibitGroup/Guiltspur including CFO and Eastern Regional Vice President of Operations. Frank Carbone is the MRF's resident CPA and Treasurer, and has been riding motorcycles since 1957. In addition to the MRF, Frank's many affiliations include the American Institute of CPAs, ABATE of PA, the American Motorcyclists Association, and the Harley Owner's Group. Frank has also served as a board member for the Exhibit Designer and Producers Association, the National Aviary and Rolling Thunder.

Carol Downs - Assistant to Conference, MRFPAC Treasurer
phone: 303-204-6939
720.748.0743 fax

Experience and Qualifications: Past Positions with ABATE of CO: Products Manager, District 8 Toy Run Coordinator, Southwest Regional Director, State Treasurer

Keith Ball - Assistant to Aftermarket Liaison
phone: 310-528-9258

Experience and Qualifications: Keith Ball is a former Executive VP of Paisano Publication, Editor of Easyriders and Hot Bike, a Hamster member, master bike builder, Salt Flats record holders and author.

Polly Schoeller - Assistant Member Relations
phone: 515-223-2832
cell: 515-249-5786

Photo © Susan Buck

Experience and Qualifications: Since the age of 13, I've been involved as a volunteer, "championing" several good causes. I started volunteering with the hospital, stuffing envelopes (a skill I still use today!). I then spent ten years working with the Junior League and nine more years with the National Ski Patrol. I became active in motorcyclists' rights in 1997 when I bought my first bike and joined ABATE of Iowa and the MRF. As a member of ABATE of Iowa, I have served as a Share the Road Instructor since 2000, promoting motorcycle safety and awareness to non-riders. After I spent a year actively recruiting new members for the MRF, Buck Kittredge asked me if I would consider taking over the position of MRF Membership Director. Low and behold, I was "Bucked" and "Bucknered" all in the same year! Since that time, I have been actively involved in increasing the MRF membership numbers, and have served as the MRF Representative for District 4 ABATE of Iowa for two years. I am also a member of ABATE of Colorado.

Helen Wesson - Products Assistant to the Board

phone: 870-222-3502

The Assistant to the Board for Product and Procurement is responsible for all products to be sold by the MRF. She is responsible for soliciting and procuring bids for products to ensure an open and competitive bidding process for all purchases by the MRF. In addition, she organizes and coordinates with other members of the Board of Directors the activities of the MRF as they relate to product sales and development

Jay Jackson - Vice President; Director of Motorcycle Safety
Executive Director for ABATE of Illinois. He was recently inducted into the Sturgis Museum Freedom Fighters' Hall of Fame (2009).
phone: 765-426-0048

Photo © Susan Buck

Cindy "Fre" Hodges - Members Representative
North Carolina
Cell: 919-630-8886

Experience and Qualifications:
Past positions held since 1979 - CBA/ABATE of NC Chapter Secretary, Charlotte Chapter, CBA/ABATE of NC State Secretary, CBA/ABATE of NC Chapter Legislative Coordinator - Charlotte Chapter, Raleigh Chapter, CBA/ABATE of NC State Legislative Director. Current: CBA/ABATE of NC, Director Emeritus, Member Legislative Work Party of NC, State MRF Rep for NC.

Lenny Holcomb - SSMRO

phone: 443-398-1193

Darrel Killion Webmaster

South Dakota
phone: 605-270-2323
Experience and Qualifications: I have been an active member of the motorcycling rights movement for 30+ years, serving in numerous positions on both the chapter and state level of the Lake Chapter of ABATE of South Dakota. Those positions include State Representative for the Lake Chapter of ABATE of South Dakota and member the Board of Director and Executive Board of ABATE of South Dakota... most notably serving 4 terms as State Coordinator. I was also appointed to the Motorcycle Advisory Council in Washington, DC, serving on that council until the councils charter expired in 2008. By profession I am an Application Development Specialist with responsibilities to include the creation of custom web driven applications, administration of numerous websites, administration of numerous web and database servers and Farm Administrator of a SharePoint system. I also serve as Senior Vice President of eVenture, Inc; a corporation whose function is the development of ecommerce websites.

Eric Hampton - Editor MRF Reports
phone: 602-367-9524

Experience and Qualifications: Editor of ABATE of Arizona's monthly publication 'The Masterlink' since October 2004, ABATE of Arizona Board Chairman.

Dawn Riba - Director of Communications and Information

phone: 952-239-0928

Experience and Qualifications: In recent years I have been an active member of A.B.A.T.E. of Minnesota Lake Chapter, Chapter Rep, Vice President and President. Editor for the A.B.A.T.E. of Minnesota newsletter, Road Noise.

Tiffany Cipoletti - Office Administrator
Assistant PR to Communications and Information
Assistant to the President
Assistant to the State Representative Program

Washington D.C.
phone: 202-546-0983
fax: 202-546-0986
Responsibilities: The MRF Office Manager handles all office procedures, records all accounts receivable and payable, processes MRF memberships and conference registrations, and maintains the MRF's database and records in the MRF Office in Washington, DC.

Glenyce Jackson - Reps Representative

phone: 253-884-1909

Mark Buckner - Ex-Officio
phone: 303-833-3195
MRF Board Position Previously Held: MRF President, 1994-2000

Mark is a Life Member of both ABATE of Colorado and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. Mark joined ABATE in 1987, and served as State Coordinator from 1990–1994. He has served on the MRF Board of Directors since 1991, including a term as Vice President (1992-1994) and President (1994–2000). Mark has been an Ex-Officio Board Member since 2000. Mark co-founded BIKEPAC of Colorado, and served as its’ Executive Director from 2000-2004. Former MRF President Karen Bolin honored Mark when she coined the term “Getting Bucknered”, a euphemism for getting suckered into doing something you really didn’t want to do, but find out later you’re actually pretty good at.

Deborah Butitta - Ex-Officio

phone: 928-308-1117

In 1990 I attended an ABATE of AZ Yavapai Chapter meeting in downtown Prescott, AZ and I was hooked on the train to express my passion for riding and freedom for a life style.

Over the last 21 years I became a member of various organizations such as MMA of Arizona (MMA), ABATE of Colorado, Freedom of the Road Riders in Missouri, American Motorcycle Association (AMA) and Motorcycle Rider Foundation (MRF); remaining a member of my home Chapter of ABATE of AZ. In ABATE of AZ I held various positions at chapter and state level such as Chapter PAC Officer for 11 years, Chapter Coordinator and a seat on the ABATE of AZ Board of Directors. An ABATE of AZ event called "Too Broke for Sturgis" was in Prescott in 1994-98 which I set up the location and permits for the event each year.

In 2001 I served as the first Designated Lobbyist for Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (AZCMC).

In 1994 I joined MRF as a member but before I knew it I was the AZ MRF State Representative for 14 years which led my journey to the MRF Board of Directors seat where I held 3 different position including Corporate Secretary for 8 years.

Currently I'm on the MRF Board of Directors and the founding Chairperson for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation Awareness and Education (MRFA&E) Board of Directors. I still belong to various State Organizations. I serve as a volunteer still with passion for freedom and riding. My job to make money to support my passion is a Commercial Real Estate Broker in the business for 28 years. I bring some of my professional skills to the table for MRF & MRFA&E wherever I can to help all motorcycle riders globally.

In 1998 my brother Chuck and I opened an aftermarket motorcycle shop that helped educate me in the world of the aftermarket business owners.

Like all of us I have owned a few motorcycles over time. Currently my garage houses my 2005 VRSCA and my 2009 XL1200N.

My passion is still strong and my extended family is all of you who go down the road with the wind in your face.

Doc D'Errico - Reps Representative

Home: (508) 954-8881

Doc has been an avid motorcycle rider and enthusiast for over 35 years. Proudly serving as the Director of MetroWest HOG for the first 5 years of the chapter, Doc served as its Safety Officer through the intervening years. A MSF certified motorcycle instructor, an iron butt rider, and certified in First Aid & Advanced Accident Scene Management, Doc leaves no road untraveled in the world of Motorcycling.
Working over the years on specific issues concerning motorcyclists’ rights, Doc is particularly passionate about issues involving motorist & rider education which led him to accept nomination and appointment first as Legislative Director, then as Safety & Education Director and concurrently as its Vice Chairman. Doc is also a member of the AMA, MRF, and NRA, also acting as the Massachusetts State Representative for the MRF.
Doc proudly will ride with anyone who has a smile on their face and the freedom of the road in their heart.

Ryan Hubbard - SSMRO
Cell: 309-267-0606

State Coordinator of ABATE of Oklahoma since 2010, served as State Sergeant at Arms from 2008-2010. I have been an MRF member since 2007, and am serving as an assistant rep. I am a founding member of the Three Sands chapter of ABATE of Oklahoma and served as their Road Captain from 2005 until 2011. I am a Proud member of Northwest 69 chapter of ABATE of Oklahoma, Massachusetts Motorcycle Association, Texas ABATE, CBA/ABATE of North Carolina and Dixie ABATE of Alabama.

Jim "Legs" Korte - Director of MRFPAC

Home: 618-973-9180
State Coordinator ABATE of Illinois 2005 to 2009
Assistant State Coordinator ABATE of Illinois 1998 to 2000 and 2004 to 2005
Southwest Region Coordinator ABATE of Illinois 1996 to 1998 and 2000 to 2004.
Founding member of ABATE of Illinois FED/PAC. Trustee from 1995 until 2003
Re-appointed to FED/PAC December 2009.
Founding member ABATE for MO.
Founding member Illinois Off-Highway Vehicle Association.
MRF State Rep since 2005.
President of the Piasa-Gateway Chapter 1998 to 2004
ABATE of Illinois Board of Directors Rep. for Piasa-Gateway Chapter 1993 to 1996
AMA Eagle.
Also member of FORR MO, ABATE of IN, IA, MO, NE, WI.

Russell Radke - Sustaining Member Motorcycle Club Representative

Cell: 702-580-0692

My name is Russell Radke and I am a National Officer for the Soldiers for Jesus Motorcycle Club. A licensed motorcyclist since 1975, I have been involved with politics of motorcycle rights from both the State of Nevada and National Capitol levels. Past positions include Director of a state SMRO, Chairperson to the Confederation of Clubs Las Vegas, and Nevada State Representative for the MRF. Being involved with the motorcycle club life before and since my tenure with Soldiers for Jesus, I am aware and sensitive to the politics related to the lifestyle we live and I am dedicated to it.

I have a strong conviction that a hand shake is binding. As a Christian, my word is my honor. As an American, my passion is to defend our Rights that were bought and paid for with the blood, sweat, and tears of our forefathers and all those who have served before us. Being a product of the sixties and seventies, I am not afraid of some chances, but will always apologize for my mistakes.

My reason for returning to this arena is out of loyalty and respect for my friend Still Ray. I intend to continue and build up the relationships that have been established through his efforts. I believe that everything happens for a reason. For years, Ray has been confirming to me the position he spent the last thirty to forty years establishing. Some of us believe that there is no better time than now to continue bridging the gap and broken lines of trust and communication between clubs, SMRO's and MRF. I have never claimed and will never say I have all the answers, but I believe through all of you, we can continue to work together towards a fundamentally right for our future and quality of life.

Jim Cannon - Director of Conferences & Events

Cell: 804-314-9071

Mike Berger - Assistant to Communications

Cell: 952-334-6423


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