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Core Values of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation


The MRF Board of Directors and their representatives will conduct themselves in an open, honest, objective and ethical manner. We will keep our promises, do what we say we are going to do, face issues fully and respect confidentiality. We base our discussions and judgements on fact, carefully considering as our guidelines our by-laws, mission statement and members' interests.


The MRF Board of Directors and their representatives will work with individuals and organizations, with total dignity and candor, toward a full understanding, while acknowledging the importance of individual self-esteem, always listening in a non-judgmental way and demonstrating full courtesy at all times.


The MRF Board of Directors and their representatives will foster an environment that values intellectual curiosity and the exploration and use of new knowledge. We will stimulate participation, challenge the status quo, encourage risk taking and respect diversity.


The MRF Board of Directors and their representatives will endeavor to create win/win situations and give individuals the opportunity and support to succeed. We will set reasonable, understandable and measurable expectations. It is our goal to never play favorites and to confront situations head-on. We will provide full and accurate reporting and representation of situations. We will maintain ongoing communications and avoid over commitment. We will provide honest and timely feedback and acknowledge contributions fully and effectively.


The MRF Board of Directors' and their representatives' goal is to continually enhance all of our processes. Excellence is our measure of acceptability. We will accept leadership roles and test each performance against all those that precede it and other endeavors in our area of concern, always striving for improvement.

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