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31 December 2012

Contact: Kirk "Hardtail" Willard, MRF President


As we close our 28th year in operation, let's take a moment to reflect. Using a measure of "engagement through participation" I would say our motorcycle rights community and the MRF are running strong, straight and true. We are operating on all cylinders thanks to the direct involvement, in so many ways, of our Sustaining State Motorcycle Rights Organizations, our Sustaining Organizations and Sustaining Motorcycle Clubs, and our Members.

This year we saw the highest participation and the most Congressional Offices visited in a single day by motorcyclists at our national biker lobby day in Washington D.C. during the MRF's Bikers Inside the Beltway event.

We realized another first during our successful Best of the West Conference as the Southern Nevada Confederation of Clubs hosted the event. Furthering on that theme, the MRF Board of Directors voted unanimously to add a Motorcycle Club representative to our Board in September. A nomination for Still Ray Fitzgerald to fill this new position came out of the Sustaining Motorcycle Club meeting. We expect to seat him during the upcoming January 5th Board meeting. These impactful changes couldn't occur without the highly valued input and direction from our sustaining partners for which we remain very grateful, as we have through our long history.

ABATE of Georgia (Beast of the East) and the Concerned Bikers Association/ABATE of North Carolina (Meeting of the Minds) significantly contributed to our cause by hosting excellent conferences for the MRF in 2012. And I feel it is necessary to include a genuine nod of appreciation for the HEARTLAND STEAM SMRO's hosting their 23rd Annual Conference as a fundraiser for the MRF.

Importantly, the MRF had its highest participation ever by voting State Motorcyclists Rights Organizations at our Legislative Strategy session during our Meeting of the Minds Conference. The voting resulted in a very clear and very strong agenda to unite and direct our work. It can be reviewed on our website at

Additionally, we have seen a significant growth in membership since our Meeting of the Minds Conference. As we know membership is the pipeline to the motorcyclist rights community and the source of roughly half of the MRF's operating funds. I would like to take a moment to thank ABATE of WI as they have almost completed their second round of offering and funding 100 new MRF memberships to first time ABATE of WI members. What a perfect way to get motorcyclists involved. We have learned over the years the more involved a motorcyclist is the more effectively they can represent our work.

We have also seen the highest number of non-MOTM donations from State Motorcyclists Rights Organizations come in since we called for donations to fund the Vaughn EPA study in 2002. This is how we can maintain our office in Washington D.C. The office is a few blocks from the United States Capitol and employs two of the finest people we could imagine, n our Office Manager and our Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs. I would also like to thank ABATE of Indiana for their immediate response to fund a MRF Board member from another state when the opportunity was revealed. It is a good time to again thank all of our partners that fund the travel and expenses of MRF Board members; it would be very difficult to operate without this funding.

A final congratulations to all of our 2012 MRF Award winners and MRF Champions. It is through these efforts, contributions and careers that we can accomplish what we do to protect and enhance motorcycling and our lifestyle in our nationís capitol. These can also be seen on our MRF website, 2012 MRF Awards .

Lastly, I would like to thank the leadership of our sustaining organizations for communicating the importance and relevance of the work we do in Washington D.C. For the number of highly engaged MRF State Representatives and Assistants that act as our boots on the ground and our membership that goes the extra mile repeatedly. For me personally, I am extremely appreciative for the diversity, dedication, expertise, and passion that our Board of Directors brings to the table every day.

When adding all this up, it is clear that together we all Ride with the LeadersTM. The MRF Board of Directors would like to sincerely thank you for your impactful contributions as we close out 2012 and move into what I am sure will prove to be an exciting 2013. I am confident through your demonstrated "engagement through participation", we are ready for the challenges ahead that are facing our nation of motorcyclists.


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