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11NR16 - MRF News Release - BEAST of the East: Hotel Name Change

26 April 2011

Contact: Carol Downs, MRF Conference Director

BEAST of the East: Hotel Name Change

The hotel facility that we are using for BEAST of the East has changed ownership.  Nothing about our reservations, costs or schedule will be affected.  However, do not get off the highway looking for the Holiday Inn sign.  You will not find it.  Instead look for the Double Tree Hotel.  Same address, same directions, just a different sign. 

For those who choose to ride as a group into Washington, DC on Thursday morning for Bikers Inside the Beltway, please be in the hotel parking lot ready to ride at about 7:00AM.  We will be leaving at precisely 7:30 AM to make our way as a group to DC.  Keep in mind that both Maryland and Washington, DC are helmet states.


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