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11NR15 - MRF News Release - Motorcycle Fatalities Drop in 2010

18 April 2011

Contact: Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs

Motorcycle Fatalities Drop in 2010

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation has been informed of a report that will be released at midnight April 19th by the Governors' Highway Safety Association. The report takes a close look at preliminary highway fatality data for the States. The report which examines data for the first three quarters of 2010 shows motorcyclists fatalities dropped two percent. A similar report released last year had motorcyclists deaths down ten percent. 

It is not known what the fourth quarter will bring but the first two had significant drops and the third had a slight increase.  

The same report also indicated that overall use of DOT helmet use had risen by thirteen percent. 

On a call with journalists, MRF Vice President of Government Relations said "if you want to increase DOT helmet use, abolish mandatory helmet law, forcing helmets onto motorcyclists against their will pushes them to purchase the lightest, smallest helmet that can be found and are often times not DOT compliant." "Furthermore most helmet law States do not require a DOT helmet." 

The MRF will publish the full report when it is available. 

Beast of the East and Bikers Inside the Beltway

May 12th is Bikers Inside the Beltway, the nation's only national motorcycle lobby day. Make your plans to attend this year. Free parking for motorcycles has been secured by the MRF just steps from the US Capitol. In addition, this year's Beast of the East has been scheduled to coincide with the lobby day. An organized ride from the hotel to the nation's capitol is being organized. Check the MRF website for more details.  

Recently, the MRF met with US DOT Secretary Ray LaHood. The MRF would like to sincerely thank ABATE of IL for all of their outstanding work in creating and maintaining positive relationships with their Federal elected officials. In addition the MRF would like to thank Freedom of the Road Riders from Missouri for also making a lobbying trip recently.

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