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11NR05 - MRF News Release - MRF Board of Directors Seats Newly Elected Directors

14 January 2011

Contact: Dave Dwyer, Election Committee Chairman

MRF Board of Directors Seats Newly Elected Directors

At our January Motorcycle Riders Foundation Board of Directors meeting, a motion was made, seconded, and carried to seat the three Board members elected by their constituencies since the close of the MRF Board meeting just prior to the Meeting of the Minds in September 2010. Those members are; Jim "Legs" Korte, MRF State Reps Representative, elected by the MRF State Reps at their meeting during the Meeting of the Minds conference, Cindy Hodges, MRF Member Representative, elected by a mail vote open to all MRF members, and Dave Dwyer, Sustaining State Motorcycle Rights Organization Representative, elected by a mail vote by our Sustaining State Motorcyclist Rights Organizations. All three ran un-opposed for a two year term. 

At our September BOD meeting elections were held for President, Treasurer, Directors of State Reps Program, Membership and PAC. Candidates for these positions were nominated and voted on by all sitting BOD members with the exception of the President and the person, or persons, running for that position. The incumbents were re-elected to fill two year terms. 

For 2011 we will be starting the election cycle once again with the following persons/positions up for election; Vice-President; Jay Jackson, Secretary; Paulette Korte, Conference and Events; Carol Downs, Rider Education; Jay Jackson, Communications; Eric Hampton, MRF Reps Rep; Graydon Wheeler, Member Rep; Wayne Wierson and SSMRO Rep; Larry Nielson. Details on the election process will be in the May/June and July/August issues of the MRF Reports. 

Commenting of the recent elections MRF President Kirk "Hardtail" Willard said "having now worked with this current Board of Directors I can state with confidence that we have assembled a fine group of dedicated motorcyclists from around the country who are working tirelessly on behalf of the motorcyclists of this nation to preserve our freedom and associated lifestyle and have observed first hand and certainly appreciate their efforts, contributions, expertise, leadership, and sacrifices they make day in and day out on behalf of the MRF, the State Motorcycle Rights Organizations, and motorcyclists they represent."

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