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10NR24 - MRF News Release - Meeting of the Minds 2010

18 August 2010

Contact: Carol Downs, Conference Director

Meeting of the Minds 2010

Pre-registration deadline for 2010 Meeting of the Minds is rapidly approaching.  The final day to receive the discounted registration fee will be August 22.  By registering prior to that date you will save ten dollars on your registration; $60.00 for MRF members, $70.00 for non-MRF members.  You can register on-line or by calling the MRF office at 202-546-0983. 

August 22 is also the last day to make hotel reservations and receive our special rate of $109.00 night.  After that date, not only will the room rate go up but room availability is not guaranteed.  But I wouldn’t even wait that long.  We have almost filled all of our rooms, so don’t hesitate, get that room booked. 

ABATE of IL will be the host for this year's event which will be held in Peoria, IL. September 22-26.  The MRF has planned some great workshops and general sessions for this year's Conference.  The agenda can be found on the MRF website,  Among the most notable offerings will be Slider Gilmore doing his presentation titled “Tar Snakes and other Riding Issues”.  We always walk away from a Slider presentation entertained and more importantly, educated.   

In addition to Slider, we have several new breakout sessions.  Matt Danielson from will be offering a workshop on "Your Rights During a Traffic Stop".  Eric Hampton and Cindy Hodges will attempt to bring some of us "old timers" up to speed in a workshop devoted to Social Networking.  There will be a session on the history of rights put together by Jessie McDugal and John Pierce.  And that is just a small sampling of what we will be offering this September. 

We do look forward to seeing you in Peoria.  Remember to take advantage of the discounted registration fee and get your registration in no later than August 22. 

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