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10NR18 - MRF News Release - California Anti-Motorcycle State Senator at it Again. Help us kill SB-435.

28 June 2010

Contact: Jeff Hennie, Government Relations and Public Affairs

California Anti-Motorcycle State Senator at it Again. Help us kill SB-435.

California State Senator Fran Pavely, who represents Hollywood, has brought her anti-motorcycle agenda alive once again. And it's worse than ever. Pavely, a Democrat, has amended her legislation so that now it would make aftermarket exhaust systems on any motorcycles illegal. SB-435 gives law enforcement the ability to inspect motorcycles as they see fit for an EPA approval stamp. If they can't find the stamp, the motorcycle is illegal.

We here at the MRF love our clean air and could not agree more that California's air should be as clean and fresh as possible. It seems this isn't about fresh air as one would think. You see, Pavely's bill started life as smog check bill forcing motorcycles to participate in the same emissions program as autos and trucks. With motorcycles maintaining about 3% of California’s entire vehicle population, this expensive proposal went no where.

So what does a Hollywood senator do when her anti-motorcycle, anti-freedom agenda fails? Change the bill! The new SB-435 doesn't look for polluters, it punishes people who don't have the EPA stamp required by manufacturers, regardless of the actual emissions. The stamp is often hidden from view due to aesthetic purposes, or in the case of older bikes with stock pipes, just isn't there.

SB-435 is scheduled to be heard today, Monday June 28, 2010. Please take action. Instructions are below. Help defend your freedom.

ABATE of California along with the Motorcycle Riders Foundation is asking you to assist us by voicing your disapproval of this particular piece of legislation by calling Assembly Transportation and Housing Committee Chairman Bonnie Lowenthal and asking that the Chair not support this bill.

You can reach Mrs. Lowenthal at:

Capitol Office:
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0054
Tel: (916) 319-2054
Fax: (916) 319-2154

District Office:
110 Pine Avenue
Suite 804
Long Beach CA 90802
Tel: (562) 495-2915
Fax: (562) 495-2983

Additional calls may be also placed to Governor Schwarzenegger, informing him of the potential loss of tourism and tax revenue in the event SB-435 is passed.  ABATE of California asks that you send cards, letters, faxes, or emails as promptly as possible. 

California Governor:

For those who would like further information to help fight this, please contact Carol Cromwell at the ABATE state office at: 10240 7th Avenue, Hesperia 92345-2631. Telephone: (760) 956-1669.  (Fax) 760-956-6519.