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10NR10 - MRF News Release - Consumer Product Safety Commission Update – CALL TO ACTION BELOW

29 April 2010

Contact: Jeff Hennie, Government Relations & Public Affairs

Consumer Product Safety Commission Update – CALL TO ACTION BELOW

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) has learned that last Friday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted on the issue of banning sales of youth ATVs and motorcycles because of lead levels.  The CPSC voted to keep the ban in place; however, they did issue a two-year stay of enforcement of the ban.  The stay will allow manufacturers and retailers of youth ATVs and motorcycles to continue building and selling the items for the next two years. It also gives the industry two years to comply with the new law; and if, for some reason, it’s technologically infeasible to manufacture a certain part with less lead than allowed by law, the industry will have a chance to make another argument to the CSPC.  

The decision was made unanimously by the two-member CPSC Board. Both Acting Chairman Nancy Nord and Commissioner Thomas Moore voted to deny the petition from industry to completely overturn the ban, citing safety as their reason for issuing the two-year stay instead.  Nord and Moore both claim, “A bigger safety concern than lead exposure is that the elimination of youth ATV sales will likely increase the number of adult ATVs purchased to be used by younger children; therefore increasing risk of injury and death.”  Industry members have 45 days to apply for the stay. 

Read the decision letter of the CPSC here: 

CALL TO ACTION:  Legislation does exist that would force the CPSC to exempt all youth ATVs and motorcycles from the ban.  Denny Rehberg (R-MT) has introduced HR 1587 and the bill has 35 co-sponsors to date. The MRF encourages you to ask your Member of the US House to co-sponsor this important legislation.  

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