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Contact: Tiffany Latimer, Public Relations Assistant

May 5, 2008


Washington, D.C.—Motorcycle safety issues have aroused the armed forces to take a proactive approach in educating their men and women in uniform. In honor of motorcycle awareness month, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation attended the second annual National Capital Region Joint Service Motorcycle Safety Event this past Friday at the Pentagon.

The two-day educational event is a measure by the D.O.D. to address the number of fatalities that have occurred in the past year. All branches of the military are facing a challenge with the increase of motorcyclists gearing up and hitting the roads. MG James Nutall, Deputy Director of the Army National Guard, stated that the military is facing an issue that they are working to contain to help keep riders safe stating they are dealing with men and women returning from combat some of whom have come home with an invincibility complex. The armed forces require all active military personnel to take a rider education course and wear more personal protective equipment then most state laws require yet they are still experiencing an increasing trend of fatalities. Some of which is accounted for by the sharp increase of readership.

Ceremonies were kicked off with hundreds of military and civilian motorcyclists gathered to increase rider education and awareness. Transportation Secretary, Mary Peters was on hand to speak at the event. Though legislation did not go unmentioned in her speech (see 08LR09-Leaders Report-May), we commend the Secretary for addressing the military's motorcycle fatality increase. We hope she can put some substantial resources into the countries servicemen and women by working with the D.O.D. to reverse this trend.

After opening remarks were concluded by the speakers, the event moved onto a ribbon cutting ceremony on the Army's new mobile motorcycle simulator trailer that will be used to visit military bases across the country as an additional resource to the motorcycle training program. The Pentagon parking lots was stocked with vendors set up displaying different types of safety equipment as well as different organizations promoting rider educations courses.

The highlight of the days activities were the opportunity for riders to participate in a motorcycle rodeo as well as a skills demonstration by the Pentagon Motorcycle Police. The two day event was wrapped on Saturday with a few morning activities as well as a rally ride. Overall, the Joint services presented a variety of outlets and activities to help celebrate with the men and women of the armed forces the different aspects of motorcycle safety.

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