06NR18 - Motorcycle Advisory Council Appointed

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October 6, 2006

#06NR18 – Motorcycle Advisory Council Appointed

Acting Department of Transportation Secretary, Maria Cino, announced the roster of individuals appointed to the Motorcycle Advisory Council to the Federal Highway Administrator (MAC-FHWA) this week.

According to the Council’s charter the scope of the group is to “coordinate with and advise the Secretary of Transportation on infrastructure issues of concern to motorcyclists, including: barrier and road design, construction and maintenance practices, as well as architecture and implementation of intelligent transportation system technologies.”

The Council’s overall purpose is to provide a forum for the development, consideration, and communication of information from a knowledgeable and independent perspective and in turn offer advice and recommendations to the US DOT Secretary. Council members were appointed to a two year term and will receive no monetary compensation for their service.

“This Council is a common sense step toward making our highways safer for all motorcyclists.” says Jeff Hennie, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) Vice President of Government Relations adding, “Quite often when designing our roads and bridges the small signature of motorcycles is an afterthought if considered at all. The MAC is an attempt to change that way if thinking”.

The MAC-FHWA was included in the most recent Highway Bill (PL 109-59) at the insistence of the MRF and the majority of the SMROs. The first meeting of the MAC is tentatively scheduled for October 24th, 2006 in Washington, DC and is open to the public. The MRF will provide the date and location of this meeting.

The Members of the 2006-2008 Motorcycle Advisory Council to the Federal Highway Administrator are:

Mark Bloschock-Texas Dept. of Transportation
Ed Moreland- American Motorcyclist Association
Darrell Killion-ABATE of South Dakota
Gerald Salontai- Kleinfelder Incorporated
Robert McClune- North American Potters Industries
Kathy VanKleeck- Motorcycle Industry Council
Jeff Hennie- Motorcycle Riders Foundation
Ken Kiphart- State Motorcycle Safety Administrators
Steve Zimmer ABATE of Ohio Inc
Donald Vaughn- Alabama Dept. of Transportation

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