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September 5, 2006

#06NR17 Secretary of Transportation

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) reported on Tuesday, September 5th,
President Bush announced Mary Peters, a former Federal Highway administrator,
as his choice to succeed Norman Mineta as Secretary of Transportation. Peters,
herself an avid motorcyclist, resigned as the Administrator of the Federal
Highway Administration six months ago.

The President made the announcement during a White House ceremony as Mrs. Peters
stood at his side. "She's going to make an outstanding Secretary of
Transportation," Bush said, urging the Senate to approve her nomination

Peters served as Chief of the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) from 2001 to
2005 and would be filling the Cabinet seat left vacant by Mineta, a Democrat
who left the position in July after six years on the job. Since the FHA was
formed in 1967, Mineta had served as Transportation Secretary for the longest
period of time. President Bush made his choice known as the Senate returned
from their August recess to insure the confirmation process could commence

"Mrs. Peters has been extremely supportive of motorcyclists evidenced by her
advocation of the Motorcycle Advisory council included in the last highway
bill," said Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Relations for the
Motorcycle Riders Foundation. He added, "The MRF looks forward to a productive
working relationship with Mary Peters in her new role as a cabinet level
advisor to President Bush."

The MRF supports the nomination of Mary Peters to be the nation's next Secretary
of Transportation and will lobby the appropriate Senate committees as the
confirmation process moves forward.

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