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August 29, 2006

Motorcycle Riders Foundation Meeting of the Minds- September 21st-24th, 2006

Agenda, Hotel and Airport Transportation Information

Our premiere Conference is quickly approaching and is packed with information and guest speakers you will not want to miss. Glen Caroline from the National Rifle Association (NRA) will be presenting a session on grassroots mobilization. Regardless of what you may think of gun control, you must admit the NRA is one of the best grassroots groups in the world. A fair share of the credit for the movement’s successful efforts goes to Glen. He will be discussing how to get motivated, how to work volunteers and how to achieve the results our own MROs strive for.

Thanks to a couple of high profile crashes this past year be assured we each will face some type of helmet legislation in our state. During one of the general sessions we will be discussing the types of strategies we can use to protect and ensure our freedom of choice. Along with the NRA’s Glen Caroline’s presentation and the helmet strategy panel discussion, the MRF is conducting additional general sessions on both European issues from FEMA and Canadian issues from The Comité d'action Politique Motocycliste and Motorcyclist Confederation of Canada.

The MRF 2006 MOTM workshops cover a variety of topics including how Rider Education programs work with state MROs, and ways to develop strategies to increase membership. There will even be a how-to seminar on ways to conduct fundraisers for both your state MRO and the MRF. There will also be workshops on “Conflict Resolution”, “Running for a Political Office”, “Impaired Riding” and “Motorcycle Specific Legislation”. To view a copy of the complete conference agenda, log on to the MRF website at http://www.mrf.org/events.php .

The 21st Annual MRF Meeting of the Minds is being hosted by ABATE of Indiana in Lebanon, IN, a suburb of Indianapolis and they will be providing airport shuttle service to and from the airport. Contact ABATE of Indiana’s state office directly with your flight information to make your shuttle arrangements. Call Tina at 317-422-0040 or email her at: tinam@abateofindiana.org.

The host hotel, the Quality Inn in Lebanon is sold out. If you do not already have a confirmed reservation the MRF has a back-up hotel located one exit north on the Interstate, the Comfort Inn at 765-482-4800. There is also a smaller facility called “Lee’s Inn” at 765-482-9611. Both hotels are willing to honor our room rate for the conference. ABATE of Indiana will be providing limited shuttle service between the over flow hotels and the host hotel.

You can still register for the MRF Meeting of the Minds Conference on line or by calling the MRF office at 202-546-0983. If you have any questions or need additional information do not hesitate to contact the Conference Director, Carol Downs at 303-369-2684 (CO) or downs@mrf.org.

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