05NR30 - MRF Receives Motorcycle Safety Champions Award

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November 16, 2005

#05NR30 - MRF Receives Motorcycle Safety "champions" Award

The Motorcycle Riderís Foundation (MRF) was recently honored by the TEAM OREGON Motorcycle Safety Program with the "Championís Award" for contributions to motorcycle safety. The award was presented November 12 at TEAM OREGON's Annual Awards Banquet in Salem.

In making the announcement, Steve Garets, TEAM OREGON's Director, recognized the MRF for their longstanding support of motorcycle safety. "Many groups and organizations champion safety. Fewer become involved in a safety related activity and fewer still tackle large, difficult safety initiatives. This Champion has done just that, taking on a long-term congressional lobbying effort, costing thousands of dollars and untold man hours to pry loose from the federal government resources for states to use to improve motorcycle safety," Garets said. "Look up Champion and youíll find it means Ďdefender of a cause or person.í The cause is safety. The defender and champion to all who seek to promote safer motorcycling is the Motorcycle Riderís Foundation."

"This is an outstanding honor and it is very much appreciated by everyone here at the MRF" Said JD DePaolantonio, MRF Director of Communications and Information for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation.

The entire award letter can be read at http://www.mrf.org/pdf/MRFAward.pdf


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