04NR35 - MRF Plans Two Legislative Strategy Sessions at Meeting of the Minds

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August 9, 2004

#04NR35 - MRF Plans Two Legislative Strategy Sessions at Meeting of the Minds

MRF Urges States to Bring SMRO Flags

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) is planning two key Legislative Strategy Sessions at the 20th Annual Meeting of the Minds in St. Louis, September 23-26.

The first, scheduled Thursday evening September 23rd, will address the current status of helmet law legislation at the state level. Several states have expressed concern that legislation mandating helmet use may be introduced in their states. Other states are attempting to amend existing helmet laws. This session, following board and attendee introductions, will be an open forum dedicated to the sharing of information and strategy.

On Friday afternoon, September 24th, a Federal Legislative Strategy Session will be held. The MRF is seeking SMRO and individual input into the formulation of the 2005-2006 MRF Legislative Agenda. All MRF seminars are open, however the MRF is asking SMRO State Coordinators and Legislative Officers to attend.
In order to better facilitate productive discussion the MRF asks any SMRO or individual with a proposal for consideration to please draft and submit the proposal by September 1st to the MRF's SSMRO Reps.: Dave Dwyer and Steve Zimmer.
Please include an explanation of the intent of the proposal, and why it should be included in the federal legislative agenda. All proposals received will be compiled and returned to participating SMROs for review prior to Meeting of the Minds.

Dave Dwyer: dad@mrf.org
Steve Zimmer: steve@mrf.org

The theme of the 20th Meeting of the Minds is: A Celebration of SMROs and Back to Basics. The MRF is asking all attending MROs to please bring their MRO Flag or Banner for display in the main General Session room. Please also include a brief history of your SMRO and its accomplishments for display with the flag or banner. Please keep each to a reasonable size.

Meeting of the Minds information is posted on the MRF web site: www.mrf.org


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