02NR29 - MRF Elects New Officers and Directors

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October 6, 2002
#02NR29 - MRF Elects New Officers and Directors

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is pleased to announce the election of several new officers and directors. Buck Kittredge (Wisconsin) was elected at the board meeting on September 26, 2002 to take the reins as the MRF's new President. Chuc Coulter (Idaho) will take over the Vice President position vacated by Buck, and Jay Jackson (Indiana) will replace Chuc as Director of Rider Education.

Dave Mann (Kansas) was re-elected for another two-year term as Treasurer, Noriene Mann (Kansas) will continue for another two years as Director of Product and Procurement, and Teri Stobbs (Illinois) will serve another two years as Director of Communications and Information. Mark Buckner (Colorado) rejoined the MRF Board as an Ex-Officio Board Member, and Mark Falsetti (Indiana), Rick Gray (Pennsylvania), Lynn Oldenburg (Maryland) and Brian Stovall (Oregon) were re-elected as Ex-Officio Board Members.

Polly Schoeller (Iowa) has taken over as the new Director of Member Relations, and Paul Cote' (Massachusetts) is now serving as the Director of Marketing. Carol Downs (Colorado) has stepped in as the new Director of Events and Conferences. The MRF State Reps re-elected Tim Nelson (Iowa) to another two-year term as State Representative to the Board. Carol Simpson (Maryland) and Cindy Hodges (North Carolina) were elected at-large to serve as Member Representative Board Members.

Please join us in welcoming the new additions to the MRF Board of Directors. We would also like to thank Tom Pauley (Indiana), former MRF President, Vice President, and Treasurer for all his years of hard work and dedication to the MRF. In addition, we would like to thank Pam Piacenti (Michigan), former Director of Events and Conferences, and Wayne Thomas (Idaho), former Director of Member Relations for their valuable years of service to the MRF.

For a complete listing of the MRF's officers and directors, including their contact information, please visit the MRF website at www.mrf.org/directors.php.

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