02NR22 - Don't Rest Assured!

Harley-Davidson recently released an article regarding their willingness to meet the EPA's proposed standards for street motorcycle emissions. You can view the H-D article in its entirety on their website at:


Mark Buckner, Executive Director of BIKEPAC of Colorado and former MRF President, shared the following thoughts in response to the H-D article:

Don't Rest Assured

If you check out the Summer 2002 edition of Harley-Davidson's "Enthusiast" magazine, you'll find an article titled, "Working with the EPA - Rest Assured, We're Doing Our Part."

What Harley-Davidson President Jim McCaslin fails to mention in his article is that ALL of the major motorcycle manufacturers are prepared to meet the ridiculous standards being proposed by the EPA. Like McCaslin says, they'll all be just fine. Kinda gives you a warm fuzzy, doesn't it?

The problem, which Harley-Davidson and presumably the other major manufacturers see as a wonderful business opportunity, is that none of the smaller manufacturers can match the big boys dollar for dollar in research and development. Likewise the aftermarket suppliers.

Harley-Davidson and the other major manufacturers will be fine, alright. Especially if their competition gets trimmed significantly by the proposed EPA standards. The real loser in the end - if the EPA and manufacturers like Harley have their way - will be the people who ride motorcycles. Less competition means less choice for riders, and more money going into the pockets of the fine folks at good old Harley-Davidson.

In the meantime, thousands of jobs in the small motorcycle manufacturing and aftermarket businesses are at stake. Not to mention the creation of a virtual monopoly for the big boys.

Do yourself a favor. If you aren't already a member of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, join now. The MRF is staunchly opposed to the EPA proposal, and is working on legislation at the federal level to stop this from happening. You can join the MRF by visiting their web page at: http://www.mrf.org/join.php

If you are an MRF member, do us all a favor and get someone you know to join.

Mark Buckner
BIKEPAC of Colorado

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