02NR17 - EPA Releases Proposed Street Bike Emissions Standards

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July 27, 2002
#02-NR-17 - EPA Releases Proposed Street Bike Emissions Standards

As predicted in December 2000 by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency has introduced a Proposed Rule to adopt the stringent, future California emissions standards for street motorcycles nationwide. EPA Administrator Christie Todd Whitman signed the proposal July 25 that sets California-inspired limit values of 1.4 grams/kilometer Hydrocarbon (g/km HC) plus Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) for the 2006 model year and 0.8 g/km HC plus NOx for 2010 for "Class III motorcycles" (280 cc or greater).

Although it has not yet been published in the Federal Register (anticipated publication in August), the Proposed Rule states that the deadline for public comments is November 8, 2002, and schedules a public hearing September 17 in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is conducting an in-depth review of this complex Proposed Rule and will be issuing further comments regarding its implications in the days to come. In our continuing effort to keep our members and supporters informed, however, we wanted to give you as early an opportunity as possible to review the pertinent documents yourselves.

You can view the EPA's Proposed Rule and print it in either pdf or wpd format at:

You can view the July 26 U.S. Newswire story regarding these proposed standards at:

You can view the July 26 Associated Press story regarding these proposed standards at:

CALL TO ACTION: MRF recommends that all riders and rider organizations, particularly State Motorcyclists' Rights Organizations (SMROs) nationwide, carefully review this new Proposed Rule. After you have completed your review of these proposed standards, please contact Tom Wyld directly at wyld@mrf.org as soon as possible with your comments and suggestions.

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