01NR34 – EPA’s Street Motorcycle Rule Delayed

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December 4, 2001 #01-34 Phone: 202-546-0983

01NR34 – EPA’s Street Motorcycle Rule Delayed

Washington, D.C. -- The Environmental Protection Agency may not publish its proposed final rule on street motorcycle emissions until January 2002, according to several sources in Washington.

This delay in the long-awaited proposed rulemaking comes as riders nationwide continue to respond to a survey of rider investment in motorcycle personalization and improvement – an economic impact survey effort led by ABATE of Illinois and ABATE of Ohio. The news also follows the Motorcycle Riders Foundation’s first visit to an entire Congressional delegation in their state offices – an action called for by the MRF’s “Saving Street Bikes – Major Call to Action,” released on November 14, 2001.

The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association arranged visits to all in-district Congressional offices in Massachusetts. MMA members who were also constituents of the Congressmen attended each visit. MRF and MMA visited the office of U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy, co-author of the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and a staunch supporter of restoring health care benefits for injured riders. They also visited U.S. Senator John Kerry, a motorcyclist frequently mentioned as a contender for the Democratic presidential nomination.

As always, MRF and MMA discussed the three major federal challenges to motorcyclists: thwarting restrictive regulation of riders and motorcycles by EPA, rescuing health care benefits and advancing traffic safety (meaning, promoting safer riding, not safer crashing). MRF and MMA found the entire Massachusetts Congressional delegation eager to listen, understanding, and sympathetic to our concerns.

The reported postponement of EPA’s proposed rule on street bikes until January 2002, at the earliest, gives the rights movement added time to brief their Congressmen and Senators. Take advantage of it! Whether MRF joins you back in the district, as Massachusetts preferred, or whether you join MRF here in Washington, State Motorcyclists’ Rights Organizations should plan now for a coordinated MRF-SMRO visit to their Members of Congress sooner rather than later.

1. You will find a brief summary of the joint MRF-SMRO legislative agenda at a newly updated MRF WEBSITE: . Click on “Legislative Agenda.” You can also find information on the MRF’s efforts in 2001 regarding these legislative agenda issues in the “Current MRF Alerts” section of the MRF website.

2. For more information on the issue of traffic safety, go to and click on “Position Papers.” There you will find MRF’s criticism of the draft Motorcycle Safety Improvement Program published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that includes a full explanation of the joint “MRF-SMRO approach to traffic safety”.

3. For more information on the health care issue, review MRF news releases. Also check the American Motorcyclist Association website – an excellent source of information on the health care topic.

4. To coordinate your visit to Congress, write or call MRF to discuss particulars. (202-546-0983 or wyld@mrf.org).

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