New MRF Vice President of Government Relations

Washington, D.C. -- The Board of Directors of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation has selected Thomas C. Wyld as MRF’s Vice President for Government Relations. Wyld’s service to MRF commences today.

Observed Mr. Mark Buckner, MRF President: “In Tom Wyld, MRF gains what street riders have been looking for as their voice in Washington: an expert in strategic planning and a leader with the right balance of political and communications skills.”

A motorcycle rider, Wyld is a former Navy Commander who served 10 years at sea and 10 years ashore in posts that required leadership, management and communications skill. Following his Navy career, he served as the director of public relations for the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, the lobbying and political arm of the National Rifle Association of America. In this position, he played an instrumental role in that organization’s legislative and electoral success throughout the 1990s.

“Serving American motorcyclists is a dream realized and a prayer answered,” said Wyld. “I appreciate the trust placed in me by the MRF Board of Directors, and I will do my utmost to live up to that trust. American motorcyclists face profound challenges to their safety and their freedom. I am confident we can meet those challenges, because our grassroots is world-class: informed, engaged and effective. Above all, our members know the importance of bringing other American riders into the MRF -- the vanguard of the motorcyclists’ rights movement.”

Mr. Buckner urged riders to attend MRF’s premier annual event -- the Meeting of the Minds -- held this year at the Marriott Oak Brook in Oak Brook, Illinois, September 21 through 24. Said Mr. Buckner: “Hosted by ABATE of Illinois, our meeting brings together the leaders of the motorcyclists’ rights movement to shape and launch MRF’s ambitious plan to enhance the safety and protect the freedom of American riders.”

For more information on the Meeting of the Minds, call 202-546-0983 or go to <>.

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