Motorcycle Riders Foundation's Premier Annual Meeting Will Be Broadcast Live Via Internet

MRF Washington, D.C. -- Concerned about motorcyclists' rights and overall transportation safety on the American road?

Better fly, drive -- or, preferably, ride -- to Oak Brook, Illinois, September 21 through 24, where the leaders of the American motorcyclists' rights movement plan their strategy for Election 2000 and beyond.

Can't make it? ---- Tune in!!!.

This year, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, the first voice for riders' rights in the nation's capitol and the only Washington voice devoted exclusively to the street rider, will hold its premier annual event, the "Meeting of the Minds," at the Marriott Oak Brook near Chicago September 21 through 24.

MRF members from across the USA -- and from Canada, Belgium, Germany and France -- are coming.

And if you can't attend in person, attend on line.

MRF has selected INB Radio to transmit the conference live, on the Internet. A leader in Internet streaming technology, INB Radio will transmit the conference live -- and make the conference available on archive for 60 days. (Click on <> now for more details.)

"There are more than 6.7 million motorcyclists on American roads today - a half million more new bike buyers this year alone ," observed MRF Vice-President Tom Pauley. "We are committed to enhancing their safety and protecting their freedom. The participants at our meeting -- many of them the very founders of the American motorcyclists' rights movement -- will help set the future course for the American rider and the American road."

Mr. Pauley said MRF's "Meeting of the Minds" will tackle the toughest questions in American motorcycling today, among them...

"At 'Meeting of the Minds,' we do more than examine the important issues that impact rider safety and riders' rights on a federal, state and local level. We do more than teach leadership, communications and legislative skills," said MRF President Mark Buckner. "We help set the course for safety and freedom of the American street rider. Join us, even if you can only join us on line."

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