Floyd Out in California

Inglewood, CA .... Assemblyman Dick Floyd has been soundly defeated in his bid to be the Democrat candidate for the for state's twenty-fifth district Senate seat. Floyd has been term-limited out of his seat in the Assembly and ran against Assemblyman Edward Vincent in the California Democrat primary Tuesday (Mar. 7) for a chance to run for the state Senate. ABATE of California can take pride in their successful effort to remove Mr. Floyd from California politics. Floyd was renowned for his foul-mouthed responses to constituents and outrageous histrionics in the Assembly which included false claims regarding the public burden of non-helmeted motorcyclists.

Dick Floyd was the primary sponsor of the current California helmet law. Over the course of his political career, in his capacity as Assemblyman and recently as a candidate, Mr. Floyd has portrayed motorcyclists as people to be feared and despised. He is one of those individuals who would prefer to see motorcycles banned completely. Mr. Vincent credits campaign work by members of ABATE of CA as a key element in his primary victory.

"Putting people like Dick Floyd back in the private sector is a service to motorcyclists everywhere," proclaimed Steve Zimmer, MRF Vice-President of Government Relations. Zimmer continued, "The MRF congratulates ABATE and California motorcyclists on this tremendous win. Their efforts within the democratic process are a lesson to us all --- that the system can work and truth can be restored."

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