Target Stores Slam Bikers Twice

Target store recently ran a TV commercial promoting the Target credit card. The ad features a boy and his father riding around in a convertible flashing their "target card" to a variety of people who respond by flashing back their own "target card." In the final scene, they stop at a traffic light next to biker who looks at them with a menacing look. The boy and his father express fear and won't look at the biker.

Target Stores are also marketing an police action figure toy set that portrays a motorcyclist as a criminal for no other reason apparently than that he is riding a motorcycle. The toy is produced by a German company, Playmobil, Inc.

The MRF has attempted to contact both companies via e-mail, fax, US Mail, and telephone. Playmobil has responded by saying "since they market other motorcycle toys, they didn't feel this one was out of line. Target has not responded at all.

A graphic picture of the Toy may be viewed at
And the letters will be posted on the MRF website <> along with this newsrelease.

Those of you who have not yet completed your Christmas shopping may consider this situation when choosing where you spend your money.

TARGET & PLAYMOBIL websites & addresses:


Target Stores Guest Relations Dept. CC-48C
33 South 6th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55402


P.O. Box 877
Dayton, NJ 08810

POST BOX 12 60
D-90511 Zirndorf

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