State Motorcycle Safety Administrators Meet

Milwaukee, WI ... The 1999 National Motorcycle Safety Conference was sponsored by the National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators (SMSA) on August 24, 1999. This annual conference serves as a forum for instructors and administrators as well as other organizations and individuals involved in motorcycle rider education. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) was represented at this conference by Buck Kittredge and Keith Buczak. Kittredge is the Director of ABATE of WI & State Motorcyclists' Rights Organization (SMRO) representative to the MRF Board of Directors. Buczak is a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) instructor and serves as Rider Education Coordinator for ABATE of AK. Buczak also was appointed as Assistant of the MRF Board of Directors to provide expertise on Motorcycle Rider Education. He was instrumental in the recent MRF association with the SMSA as a "Professional Member".

SMRO's and other grass-roots organizations involved with the development of rider education programs or increasing effectiveness of existing programs attend this event to learn the latest and greatest of "what's new" in rider education. This conference provides the opportunity for riders and education professionals to visit directly with staff from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) which developed the program from the beginning and maintains the curriculum development with input from attendees at this conference among other sources. Instructors also take advantage of the opportunity to network among themselves. "I'm always learning something new at these conferences," stated Buczak.

James Cain Jr., President of the United Side Car Association (USCA), and David Hough, President of USCA's Sidecar Safety Program (SSP) presented an overview of the sidecar curricula and sidecar instructor certification courses. The SSP is an independent national training organization focused on three-wheeled motorcycles. Hough and Cain and others attending the SMSA conference were astonished that the "Blue Ribbon Safety" conference had not merely overlooked three-wheelers, but had actually decided to exclude three-wheeled motorcycles from it's further plans for the future of motorcycling in the USA.

Steve Garets, Director of Team Oregon for Oregon State University a member of the Technical Working Group (TWG) tasked with drafting a plan for the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety, mentioned the three-wheel vehicle exclusion in his presentation on the Agenda. Mark Buckner, President of the MRF, proclaimed, "The MRF will formally request that the TWG reverse that policy on three-wheel vehicles. Steve Zimmer, MRF Vice-Pres of Government Relations, serves on the TWG committee and will raise that issue at their meeting in September.

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