MRF Board of Directors Meets in Denver

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) held its January board meeting in Denver, Colorado, the site of the 1999 Meeting of the Minds (September 23-25, 1999). The first order of business was to welcome new board members Debra Butitta of Arizona as an MRF State Rep to the Board, and newly appointed Keith Buczak of Alaska as an Assistant to the Board for Rider Education. The board also appointed former MRF board member, John Bennett to the open position of MRF Director of Membership.

MRF President Mark Buckner then addressed the organization's 1999 prioritized objectives of membership growth, corporate relations, and strategic planning. Membership issues were addressed by John Bennett in a brief discussion of recruitment plans. Mr. Buczak outlined his duties and responsibilities and presented a detailed plan for future action for a pro-active rider education effort by the MRF. MRF Treasurer Tom Pauley reported that the MRF continued to be in excellent financial condition and presented a detailed budget and strategic plan. The board discussed employee review procedure and approved modest salary increases for staff.

Products Director Lynn Oldenburg of Maryland reported on the continuing success in marketing MRF products with the exception of WEB site sales. The board discussed and approved a request to the webmaster to develop a first class product store on the Web site. The directors of Products, State Reps, Communications, Membership and Conferences presented reports and strategic plan updates. Rosemary Curtin, recently appointed Director of Events & Conferences, introduced the board to Karen Markay of A Matter of Time and Convenience (a meeting planner service utilized by MRF). Mrs. Markay outlined the plans for the 1999 Meeting of the Minds and escorted the board members on a tour of the conference facility.

A report on SMRO/MRF activity was presented by SMRO Reps to the Board, Chuc Coulter and Buck Kittredge. Mr. Coulter and Mr. Kittredge addressed SMRO concerns and discussed how they might be better be utilized in their capacity as liaison between the various SMROs and the MRF. Steve Zimmer gave an office activities report followed by a proposal for the MRF's 1999 legislative agenda. Mr. Zimmer also addressed the 1999 Lifesavers Conference, MRF's involvement with the Transportation research Board, reviewing NHTSA activities and the 1999 International Motorcyclists' Rights Conference. A general discussion followed regarding the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and its recent Safe Cycling publication. The board directed President Mark Buckner to contact MSF and voice MRF's displeasure.

After reminding the board of action items assigned, MRF President Mark Buckner adjourned the meeting Saturday evening and complimented the board members on their efforts and accomplishments in the performance of their duties.

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