National Leadership Summit in Ohio.

Westerville, Ohio saw the first National Motorcycle Organization Leadership Summit July 19 - 21. Nineteen national motorcycling organization gathered for two days of topic specific breakout sessions and panel discussions. Some of the topics included: Event Promotion, the Internet, Government Relations Resources, and Networking.
Organizations present were the; American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association, American Motorcyclist Association, Blue Ribbon Coalition, BMW Motorcycle Owners of America, Christian Motorcyclist Association, Gold Wing Road Riders Association, Inc., Honda Rider's Club of America, Honda Sport Touring Association, Indian Four-Cylinder Club, Masonic Motorcycle Club International, Motor Maids Inc., Motorcycle Industry Council/Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Motorcycle Riders Foundation, National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators, National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council, Inc., Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club, United Sidecar Association, Women's Motorcycle Foundation, Women On Wheels.

The Summit was co-hosted by the AMA and GWRRA in the hopes that "…through a process of dialogue and shared experience, improve communications between, and elevate the effectiveness and professionalism of national non-profit organizations that represent the interests of America's motorcyclists."

Opening and maintaining lines of communication should always be a primary focus. Even on issues where there maybe some disagreement. Steve Zimmer of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation commented that, "This conference was a perfect opportunity for us, (the MRF), to achieve two goals, first to listen to what some of the other organizations around the country had to say about issues of concern to their membership. Second was the chance for the MRF to gain some exposure with leaders from groups not traditionally associated with the Motorcycle Rights Movement." The dialogue that developed at this summit is most encouraging Zimmer went on to say. "Lets face it we are all in this together regardless of what, how, why or where we ride. A threat to any part of motorcycling is a threat to all of motorcycling." Based on the general consensus the Summit was a great success and should become an annual event.

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