MRF to participate in National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation have initiated a Technical Working Group (TWG) to develop the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety. Steve Zimmer, Vice President of Government Relations for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF), has been invited to participate in that working group. The TWG will address motorcycle safety from the ground up, assess all aspects of current programs and suggest a course of action to enhance motorcycle safety in the future. The TWG is scheduled to have the first draft of the agenda completed during the fall of 1998, with the final draft due during the summer of 1999. The TWG will conduct a two day initial working session this September in Washington, DC.

Commenting on his appointment to the group, Zimmer stated, "We are very excited about being a part of the working group and about making sure motorcyclists have a voice in policy decisions regarding the future of motorcycle safety. Through our involvement in the TWG, MRF will push for increased efforts to promote and improve existing rider education programs. We will also continue to promote a stronger emphasis on accident prevention measures as opposed to mandated safety laws." Zimmer went on to say that motorist awareness campaigns should be utilized to improve motorcycle safety as well.

Over the last few months MRF has opened an encouraging dialogue regarding motorcycle safety issues with NHTSA officials and with Tim Buche, President of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. "This is a very promising start," Zimmer said. "We have the lines of communication open, and will do all we can to see that motorcyclists' rights are preserved throughout this process while working to improve motorcycle safety."

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