Comments sought on Intelligent Vehicle Initiative

"The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is seeking comments from all sources (public, private, governmental, academic, professional, public interest groups, and other interested parties) on the Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (IVI)." In the notice for comments published in the Federal Register December 23,1997 (Vol. 62, #246) IVI is a major new component of the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) dealing specifically with safety and efficiency of motor vehicle operations with regard to reducing the probability of vehicle crashes.

The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is a DOT project to utilize technology to reduce highway crashes, injuries and fatalities and the ensuing financial impact on the nation. The MRF has worked diligently the last two years to ensure the unique needs of motorcycles and motorcyclists are included into the discussions and planning considerations while ITS is being developed. Steve Zimmer, MRF Government Relations Coordinator, stated "It is MRF's position that 'on board' computer systems should not be mandated for motorcycles, but at the same time, we want to ensure the needs of motorcycles and motorcyclists are considered as technology is developed in the area of collision avoidance systems.

MRF's position has been accommodated in the current language which specifies that the 'on-board' systems requirement applies only to 'passenger vehicles, trucks, and buses'. This does NOT include motorcycles under U.S. Code definitions. Also, as shown in Part 3 of the Safety Services section of the IVI notice, where the requirement of IVI systems to monitor the position of motorcycles are specifically mentioned:" (Part) 3. Lane Change and Merge Collision Avoidance These systems would monitor the lane position, relative speed and position of vehicles, including motorcycles, beside and to the rear of the vehicle and would advise the driver during the decision-phase of a lane-change maneuver, through an appropriate driver-vehicle interface, of the potential for a collision.

The MRF will submit make written comments to keep motorcycle issues a part of the planning as ITS develops. The MRF will develop an issues brief recommending specific issues of concern to comment on by January 20, 1998. Anyone wishing to view the entire Call for Comments document may view them on the MRF Website at Comments on the IVI document announcement should be submitted on or before January 30, 1998. Responses and comments should be submitted by mail on or before January 30, 1998 directly to the Federal Highway Administration, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Joint Program Office, HVH-1, Room 3400, Washington D.C. 20590.

You may submit comments and data by sending electronic mail (E-mail) to: E-mail responses are encouraged. Your comments on these important issues are greatly appreciated, but the DOT will not be able to acknowledge responses.

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