Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell Wins Republican Primary Bid For Re-Election

Final results are in from the Colorado primary election. U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Republican from Ignacio, Colorado, received 153,134 votes in the primary race against Bill Eggert, a Denver attorney who received 63,489 votes. Incumbent Senator Campbell will face Democrat Dottie Lamm in the November general election. Senator Campbell managed to garner 70.7% of the Republican vote compared to Eggert's 29.3%. An interesting comparison of the numbers show the depth of Senator Campbell's support in the fact that he received 8,794 more votes than the total votes cast in the Democratic primary.

Senator Campbell, a vocal supporter of motorcyclists' rights for many years, was instrumental in repealing the federal penalties on states without helmet laws and in getting legislation passed to protect motorcyclists regarding health care discrimination. During 1998, Senator Campbell played a key role in making sure that pro-motorcycling language was included in the Transportation Equity Act for the Twenty First Century (TEA 21). Senator Campbell entered into a colloquy with Senator Carol Moseley-Braun (D-IL) concerning an amendment to TEA 21 that would include the prohibition of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) lobbying activity in state legislatures, and made the following statement on the floor of the Senate:

Mr. CAMPBELL. "Mr. President, I want to clarify the intent and effect of our amendment. It will not prohibit NHTSA from lobbying on behalf of tougher drunk driving laws, seat belt laws or air bag requirements. In each of those cases, there are federal mandates or incentive programs designed and in place. It would also not prohibit NHTSA from lobbying in favor of motorcycle safety. In fact, we would hope that NHTSA would engage in more activities designed to improve motorcycle safety education programs."

MRF's Steve Zimmer said, "We have seen the power of this statement already having an effect on NHTSA in the recent move to create a Technical Working Group charged with developing the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation will participate in that working group and will push to see Senator Campbell's hopes for improved motorcycle safety education become reality in the Agenda." Zimmer went on to say, "We at the MRF are extremely happy about Senator Campbell's primary victory, and look forward to an even bigger win in November. Motorcyclists need to keep a friend like Senator Campbell in Washington."

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