MRF Appoints Cooperate Liaison

On December 11, 1997 the Motorcycle Riders Foundation announced the choice by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors of Mr. Rodney Roberts to position of Director of Corporate Liaison. Mr. Roberts owns and operates Rodney's Cycle House in Little Rock, Arkansas and is also the President of District 1 of ABATE of Arkansas. His term of office on the Board of Directors of the MRF will run through September of 1999.

Roberts has been involved in the motorcycle business for over thirty years and has been a business owner since 1971. In this professional environment, he has formed numerous long term relationships with various people in the motorcycle industry and is confident that he can take advantage of this experience to help the MRF develop positive working relationships with members of the industry. He recognizes the value of a partnership between the MRF and the industry in the pursuit of common goals leading to a positive future for motorcycling. "We must move in this direction quickly to protect our interests in light of the pending globalization of motorcycling." he declared. He also understands the importance of maintaining the MRF's independence to insure the organization's integrity on behalf of all motorcyclists as well as the members who support that mission.

The name of Rodney Roberts is synonymous with perseverance in Arkansas. Faced with the dreaded helmet law in his home state of Arkansas from almost exactly the day he entered into the motorcycle business, he never gave up on the effort to regain that particular freedom for Arkansas motorcyclists. His local district of ABATE of Arkansas was formed in Rodney's living room thirteen years ago. He remained one of the leading rights activists in Arkansas over all these years and lead the final effort resulting in the successful repeal of the thirty year old Arkansas helmet law in 1997. This helmet law was one of the original laws passed under the first Federal mandate back in 1966 and the first repeal in 14 years.

The MRF welcomes Rodney to the team. The members of the board are looking forward to the experience and talent he brings to this organization. We are happy to have his help in the pursuit of our goals and building on our success in protecting the future of motorcycling.

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