MRF Newsbriefs Jan. 1997

New Hampshire Bikers Gain Influence in the State House.

Two past presidents of the New Hampshire Motorcyclists' Rights Organization are now members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives Transportation Committee. MRF Life Member and veteran state Representative, Sherm Packard, has been named the new Committee Chairman. MRF State Rep and newly elected New Hampshire state representative, "Radio Bob" Letourneau, has been appointed to the Transportation committee.

State Senator requests help from motorcyclists in support of Rider Education Legislation in New York.

The AMA reports that the state legislature is considering a bill to create a state supported rider education program funded with a modest license and registration fee increase. New York State Senator Owen H. Johnson (R-Suffolk County), a long time supporter of motorcycle safety, has asked that concerned New York motorcyclists write to his office in support of the proposed program. He hopes to take the letters to Albany to counter the legislators' reluctance to raise fees on motorcyclists and demonstrate that motorcyclists are willing to make a financial commitment to promote safety within their ranks.

New York motorcyclists should address their letters to Sen. Owen H. Johnson, New York State Senate, Albany, NY 12247; Attn: Rider Education.

Gross Error in daytime lights research.

The Chairman of the widely respected European Experimental Vehicles Committee (EEVC) agreed that he made a "gross error" in recommending compulsory use of headlights for motorcyclists during daytime. Mr. Stephen Prower of the British Motorcyclists Federation unearthed the controversy earlier in the year. His report helped lead to the lifting of the "hard-wired" daytime headlights in Australia recently.

In a letter dated 9 Oct 1996, Mr. Prower told EEVC Chairman, DirProf Friedel of Bundesanstalt fr Straaenwesen, that the recommendation was based upon an "eleven-fold exaggeration of the American findings" of Janoff & Cassel 1971 (the Franklin Institute Report). He described the exaggeration as a "gross error".

Mr. Prower reports that Dr Friedel telephoned him early in November to accept that the exaggeration of the findings of Janoff & Cassel 1971 in the EEVC Report was indeed, as he described it, a "gross error". He said that there was nothing he could do to correct the error now (???). (Thus, it is up to motorcyclists to set the record straight.) Mr. Prower is copying the communication with Dr Friedel to leaders of other groups in the European Commission who have recommended compulsory use of daytime lights by motorcycles and to officials and motorcyclists' groups elsewhere. This is an active issue in Finland, Austria, Holland, and the US in South Carolina.

Further info contact:
Stephen Prower:
37 Buckthorn Ave., Stevenage, Herts, SG1 1TT, UK
Tel/fax: + 44 1438 725387
from: FEM News, 12 November 1996


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