Motorcyclists protected into the next century

For the past two years the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, and other national and state Motorcyclist Rights Organizations, have been working in Washington DC to ensure that motorcyclists were included in the nations transportation future. We were incredibly sucessful. Read below to learn all about what the MRF has been doing in Washington on your behalf
(The latest article is listed first)

President Clinton Signs TEA 21

Victory in Congress - Highway bill passes and sent to President

"Road Ban Prohibition" Agreed To in ISTEA Conference

Congressman Shimkus Seeks Support for NHTSA Lobby Ban

ISTEA II and BESTEA - Where Do We Stand?

House passes BESTEA -Important work still needs to be done

House begins work on BESTEA

More information on ISTEA Amendments

Urgent Action Needed - ISTEA Reauthorization Proceeds

MRF's comments about the Intelligent Transportation System Program

ISTEA Re-Authorization Delayed Until 1998

House Subcommittee moves bill banning NHTSA lobbying

Rep Billy Tauzin seeks to stop NHTSA lobbying

Senators Campbell and Gramm offer ISTEAII amendment

House extends deadline for highway bill

Intermodal Transportation Act (ISTEA II) amendment passes Senate committee

House committee approves ban of lobbying by DOT

The US Senate introduces the Intermodal Transportation Act

BESTEA: New highway bill looks good for motorcyclists

NEXTEA - Information about the new highway bill

MRF testifies about ISTEA 97


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