Curtin Announces Resignation from MRF

Washington, D.C….On Friday September 12th, Wayne T. Curtin announced his resignation as Vice President of Government Relations for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. Mr. Curtin will stay in Washington to complete this session of Congress and follow through on motorcyclists efforts on the ISTEA re-authorization legislation. Mr. Curtin plans to return to school full time in January 1998, to pursue his Masters degree in political science.

When hired by the MRF in 1988, Curtin became the first full time lobbyist for motorcyclists in our nation's capital. During his nine years on the job, Curtin's vision, patience and perseverance provided the impetus for what has become a strong and effective presence for motorcyclists in the halls of Congress. Mr. Curtin's leadership played a vital role in the 1995 repeal of anti-motorcycling provisions included in the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991, and in the passage of pro-motorcycling insurance legislation in 1996. He also played a key role in the withdrawal of the "Outlaw Street and Motorcycle Gang Control Act of 1991." Curtin has also assisted activists from virtually every state motorcyclists' rights organization in dealing with state and local legislative issues.

Commenting on his decision to move to South Carolina to further his education, Curtin stated, "At 42 years of age, it was time for me to make a decision about whether I was going to return to school and complete my long unfinished Bachelor’s Degree and pursue my desire for graduate study, or I was going to forgo returning to college and plan a career course that did not include my having the credentials of a college education." He continued by saying, "I have very much enjoyed the opportunities and experiences that my nine years of employment with MRF have provided me. I believe many of the things I have done with MRF and other political activities and changes I have observed over that time will help to provide me with a rich academic experience. I do not believe I will have a problem coming up with topics to write about and research as I pursue a Master’s in Political Science."

Speaking on behalf of the MRF Board of Directors, MRF President Mark Buckner stated, "We'd like to express our sincere gratitude to Wayne for his years of service and dedication to motorcyclists' rights. We wish Wayne all the best as he pursues his longtime dream of completing his formal education, and are excited about what the future holds both for Wayne and for the MRF. Change is healthy in any organization, and MRF views this as an opportunity to bring new energy, ideas and direction to our government relations department, so that we can continue protecting motorcyclists' rights into the next century." The MRF will now begin the process of hiring a new lobbyist to head up its Washington, DC operations

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