MRF National Recognition:

1987 The MRF, working with grass-roots activists, stopped legislation that would ban the sale of "superbikes"
1991 MRF was instrumental in removing all references to "Motorcycle" from the DeDoncini Outlaw Gang Bill
1995 MRF and our SMRO Partners succeed in repealing the federal helmet law blackmail against the states.
1998 MRF and SMROs persuade Congress to include NHTSA Lobby Ban and prohibition of motorcycle bans on federally funded roads in Transportation Funding bill.
2000 MRF and New England motorcyclists came together to stop Helmet Law
2001 Health Insurance Discrimination rules challenged
2004 MRF releases "EPA for the Layman" for highway motorcycles
2005 MRF was instrumental in defeat of Senator Lautenburg's national helmet law amendment
2006 MRF ushered 44 states into the Federal Motorcycle Safety Program, obtaining grants totaling $6 million per year for State motorcycle safety programs.
2006 MRF was a key player in creating the National Motorcycle Advisory Council.
2007 MRF works with Congress against the NTSB push for national helmet laws.